Greater Belhaven

A Special Group of Supporters
Being Belhaven 100 is a group of supporters who give $1,000 or more annually to the Greater Belhaven Neighborhood Foundation.  Contact us if you'd like more information on joining this committed group of supporters.

Major Sponsors

Baptist Health Systems, Inc.

Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center

The Manship

Gifts from Individuals

Jane and Brent Alexander

Ivy and Frank Alley

Betty and John Allin

Sarah Jane and Alex Alston

Carey and Jim Armstrong

Barbara Austin

Claire and Rhesa Barksdale

Donna and Jim Barksdale

Jane Anna and Bryan Barksdale

Ruth and Carl Black

Patti Carr Black

Vidal Blankenstein

Sherry and Royce Boyer

Mary Jo and Frank Briggs

Marsha and Tim Cannon

Alice and Rod Clement

Katy and Nelson Creath

Meredith and Jimmy Creekmore

Margaret and Brett Cupples

Louisa Dixon and Jerry Johnson

Virginia and Rob Farr

Corinne Fox

Deanna and Steve Funderburg

Nancy and Earl Fyke

Susan and John Garrard

Nan and Bill Harvey

Katie Hester

Beth and Mark Hodges

Diane and Reed Hogan

Carter and Wilson Hood

Lisa and Sai Ireland

E. Grady Jolly

Courtney and Tasho Katsaboulas

Nan and Kanello Katsaboulas

Jona and Jimmy Keeton

Christy and Dallis Ketchum

Leila and Sam Lane

Anne and John Lewis

Virgi and Chuck Lindsay

Jeanne Luckett and C.B.Carroll

Bill McCarty III

H. Russell McCarty

Kathryn and Gerald McCormick

Kathryn and Will McCraney

Nora Frances and Vaughan McRae

Annie Laurie and Tom McRee, in memory of Cecil and Mary Heidelberg

Julie and Alan Moore

JoAnne Pritchard Morris

Frances and Cooper Morrison

Ginnie and Luther Munford

Kay and John Olliver

Susan and Bill Osborne

Beverly and Bill Painter

Phoebe and Rob Pearigen

Becky and Don Potts

Helen Robertson

Linda and Jimmy Robertson

Harrylyn and Charles Sallis

Bonnie L. Sides

Laurin Stennis

Stella Gray and Phillip Sykes

Carol Taff

Margaret and Jim Tohill

Zella Tohill

Marcus Treadway, in memory of Ellen Treadway

Stacy and Jay Underwood

Holly Wagner and Jere Nash

Kathy and Andy Waring

Sara Weisenberger

Susan Wellman and Don Sittman

Judy and Josh Wiener

Libba and Roy Wilkes

Laura and Walt Wofford, Jr.

Laura Damon and Walter Wofford

Mary Amelia and Damon Wofford

Margee and Collins Wohner

Kathy and Dan Woodliff

Mary and Hilary Zimmerman

Gifts from Businesses

Belhaven House & Garden Club

Belhaven Improvement Association

Belhaven Residential

Belhaven University

Dick Molpus Foundation

Fairview Inn

First Presbyterian Church

J. Henry LaRose Belhaven Properties, LTD

Jones, Funderburg, Sessums and Peterson PLLC

Kats Wine & Spirits

Landmark Healthcare Facilities

McDade's Market

Neel-Schaffer Inc.

Nejam Properties, LLC

The Overby Company

Pyron Group, Inc.

StateStreet Group, LLC


Being Belhaven Gold is a group of supporters who give $500 annually to the Greater Belhaven Neighborhood Foundation. 

Shirley and Mike Farrell

Mollie and Larry Gregory

Barbara Fortenberry Hederman

Ann Hendrick and Jim Kopernack

Walterine and Doug Odom

Sandra and Gary Parker

Debbie and Jim Sones

Marc Treadway

Marjorie and Billy Underwood



Being Belhaven is a group of supporters who give $300 annually to the Greater Belhaven Neighborhood Foundation.

Leslie and Jason Agostinelli

Elizabeth and Warwick Alley

Laura and Jason Ashley

Rosanna Bahadur

Paige and Barr Biglane

Suzi and John Broderick

Kim and David Brown

Lynn Clark

Ashleigh and Josiah Coleman

Casey and Sam Creasey

Kate Eidt and John Fike

Sarah Elizabeth and Jamey Elkin

Tara and Tony Ellis

Beverly and Dave Fulcher

Beth and Collier Graham

Caroline and James Griffin

Laine and Bob Hardin

Rebecca and Ty Hardy

Mara Hartmann and Patrick Hicks

Sara Margaret and Robert Johnson

Susan Shands Jones and Howard Jones

Junior League of Jackson

Emmie King and Spencer Beard

Vicky and Robert List

Toni and Aubrey Lucas

Modena Martin

Jim McCraw

Shannon and Matthew McLaughlin

Susan and Pat McNease

Margaret and Manning McPhillips

Marjorie and David Morris

Kay and Charles Mortimer

June and Bronson Newburger

Amy and Patrick O'Mara, in honor of Nate O'Mara

Kaytie Pickett and Drew Hayslett

Alicia and Ben Puckett

Lele and Russell Rooks

Robert Ruby

Elizabeth Robinson

Shelley and Jerry Sheppard

Beth and Jerry Shivers

Susan Fontenot Taylor and Glenn Taylor

Sarah and Brad Tisdale

Robert and Kimberly Van Uden

JoNeel and John David Vickery

Carter Watters

Ginger and John Weaver

Jan and John Wofford, in memory of Edith Stevens Roby

and Charlton Stevens Roby

Julia Marks Young






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